Remember . Reconnect . Rebalance

Our bodies are miraculous systems that show us exactly what we need. We simply have to listen.

Due to our busy externally oriented agendas, both in our professional and our social lives, we often forget to listen. We get caught up and disconnected. We only start to notice our bodies again when they force us to listen, when we feel pain and discomfort.

Through a holistic yoga and health approach I guide you to get to know yourself and your body’s signals. So that you can bring balance into your life on every level – physically, mentally and energetically, remember your body’s inherent wisdom and reconnect with your intuition.

I ‘m beyond excited to guide you on your individual journey to the deep inherent knowing of your body.

Much Love,

Women’s Wellbeing

As women our whole lives work in phases and transitions. From Menarche to Menopause and beyond that. Daily cycles. Monthly cycles. Life cycles. However, we often work against them and perceive them as burden. The result: We feel lethargic, dull and out of balance. Learn a Yoga approach that’s designed for a woman’s body & psyche, a Yoga that’s aligned with your cycle, a Yoga that comes from within, rather than from without.

Holistic Yoga

Yoga aims at creating balance and restoring the natural condition of a healthy body and mind. Our true nature is balance and health as well as a strong connection with our intuition and thereby a deep sense of trust. Through yoga we can regain this natural condition and re-connect with our intuition. Through yoga we can find our way “back home”.

Corporate Yoga

My academic background (BSc & MSc Business) and career in Key Account Management and Marketing allow me to combine corporate experiences with profound knowledge in yoga and holistic health. I offer individualized packages to increase focus, improve stress management skills and overall wellbeing of your employees and make the eastern approach accessible for western lifestyles and corporate environment.

Letters from me to you.

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Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

Herbstzeit Yoga-Workshop
Rudersdorf, Österreich
3. Oktober 2020

Unser ganzes Leben ist ein Tanz aus Yin und Yang – aus Zyklen, Phasen und Übergängen. Wir bewegen uns Tag für Tag, Mond für Mond, Jahr für Jahr zyklisch. In dieser Workshop-Reihe gehen wir auf die verschiedenen Lebensphasen und Jahreszyklen ein. Wir stellen ganzheitliche Yoga-Praktiken ins Zentrum, die uns dabei unterstützen, Balance im ganzen Körper zu erschaffen. Wir praktizieren Asanas (physische Haltungen und Sequenzen), Pranayama-Techniken (Atmung) sowie Meditation und arbeiten mit Mantras und Mudras und betrachten die Zeit des Herbst aus TCM- und Ayurveda-Perspektive.

Your Body, Your Temple
Urban Day Retreat
Vienna, 13 December 2020

Es ist an der Zeit, Zeit neu zu definieren. Zurückzukehren zur natürlichsten Uhr. Dem inhärenten Zyklus der Frau. An diesem Tag teilen wir unser Wissen mit dir und begleiten dich zu dir nachhause. Im Circle of Women halten wir den Raum für dich, um gehört zu werden – ganz frei von Wertung, ganz ehrlich und authentisch. In Sacred Femininity Workshops sprechen wir über Zyklusweisheit, Hormon(im)balance und PMS. Wir teilen Pflanzenwissen und Ernährungstipps mit dir, sprechen über die weibliche Anatomie und pelvic care. Wir fließen durch einen wundervolle Womb-Yoga-Flow und einen Womb Dance und genießen einen fabelhaften veganen Brunch.

Women’s Selfcare Retreat
Ibiza, Spanien
17. – 24. Oktober 2020

Mit der Teilnahme an diesem Retreat entscheidest du dich bewusst aus deinem Alltag heraus zu treten, um einen geleiteten Rückzug zu dir selbst und deiner femininen Urkraft zu erleben. Unterstützt durch einen magischen Ort auf einer magischen Insel.

Wir laden dich ein, eine Woche mit dir selbst und anderen Frauen zu verbringen, deinen eigenen Körper und deine Weiblichkeit wieder zu spüren. Scham und Schuldgefühle abzuschütteln und das Leben mit allen Sinnen zu genießen.

Rhythms of Nature Retreat
Alpen, Österreich
15. – 22. November 2020

Von Herzen laden wir dich zu diesem besonderen Yoga Retreat inmitten der österreichischen Alpen ein, wo wir uns tiefgehend mit den Rhythmen der Natur beschäftigen um wieder unseren eigenen Rhythmus zu entdecken, die sanfte Stärke der Weiblichkeit zu spüren und die Verbindung zur Intuition wiederherzustellen.

Wir stellen Zyklusbewusstsein und Rituale zur Selbstfürsorge in den Vordergrund und praktizieren eine Form des Yoga, die speziell auf den Körper und die Psyche einer Frau ausgerichtet ist.

Victoria, the heart opener. Her open, gentle and careful way of approaching people in such a non-judgmental way is something very special. She made me fall in love with yoga. Her instructions allowed me to always feel my body during the practice and find out how my body wants to move. During her meditations my mind could become quiet and relaxed. And the partner-yoga-dance-practice was the best ever. I have taken her to my heart.
Kirsten, Germany
Victoria, one of the warmest, most inspiring, strong, spiritual and sensitive women I met in the last months. She was at the right time exactly the right person at the right place for me. Her way of teaching yoga is so beautiful. Even after 18 years of practice I gained a new perspective. She’s teaching with so much warmth and passion. Many thanks to her for bringing me back on the right way.
Natascha, Austria
Victoria transmits so much warmth and positivity. She even got the two boys to love yoga. Especially her heart opening flow was so so beautiful – it was flowing so perfectly. She has this beautiful way of making Yoga accessible to the western world, but still bringing in profoundness and depth. She radiates so much positive energy, I was feeling it especially during the Shavasana Massages. It was like a rush of positive energy flowing through me.
Clelia, Hong Kong
I “coincidentally” stumbled upon one of Victoria’s yoga classes. I had no affinity for yoga at all, but Victoria managed to show me in these wonderful 60 minutes how amazing it feels to let go and listen to your body. From the first moment I was enthusiastic and knew: I don’t want to miss this feeling anymore!
Victoria’s Yoga Classes are very special and you can’t compare them to others. In her classes you don’t only strengthen your body, but you get a strengthening for your soul. Even on hectic days you achieve an unsurpassed state of deep relaxation.
Victoria awakened my passion for Yoga and I’m very grateful that she is accompanying me on this journey. I encourage you to attend one of her classes to find out what I’m talking about.
Elena, Austria
Victoria has introduced me into the world of yoga. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher than her with such sweetness, passion for her work, love for life, patience and wisdom. I will treasure her advices that I consider very precious, that will surely help me in my life. I’m so glad that I met a person and a teacher like her. Thanks again for everything.
Giulia, Italy