about vic tru yoga

Hi, I’m Victoria.

I accompany both women and men on their journey to re-establish balance in their bodies and find inner stability – in order to stay self-determined and equanimous in their daily lives and especially during challenging and uncertain times.

My holistic approach supports you to re-connect with your body and your intuition. With my gentle and tender approach I meet you where you are, welcome the whole of you and encourage you to take the reins for your own wellbeing into your hands. I work with holistic methods from yoga as therapy, women’s selfcare informed yoga, breath work and traditional Hatha Yoga practices. I have accomplished trainings and qualifications of more than 1.000 hours in Ecuador, Thailand, India, Bali and Austria. I’ve studied with Western and Eastern teachers, in ashrams and yoga schools, with women and men and with people of all different cultural backgrounds. In order to find a deep and profound approach and create my own unique style to adapt these ancient wisdoms to the western lifestyle and culture we live in.

Work with me

My personal journey.

Living in extremes.

From growing up in a small village in Southeast Austria, where you still find 40 % of forest today, to solo-backpacking the world. From business studies in Vienna, Miami and Amsterdam and corporate jobs in Washington D.C. and Vienna to teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats in Bali, Ibiza and Austria. From a complete rational approach to an intuition-driven life. From high end party life to low end hostel life. A life in extremes. Going through the entire range of emotions. And stretching my comfort zones over and over and over.

Boon or bane.

I believe that all of these extremes and experiences were part of my journey and I highly value and embrace all of them, not labeling any of them as good or bad. They challenged me and made me find Yoga just at the right time and the right place. In Miami. At a point, where all I was actually looking for was depth and meaning. And I found it. Not on the dancefloor. But on the mat.

Morning Yoga by the beach

Yoga, my fascination.

Nothing has ever fascinated me as much as the healing potential of Yoga and nothing has ever made me feel as balanced as my Yoga practice. It has changed my life in so many ways and the more I have been practicing and studying, the more I’ve come to realize the depth of this ancient wisdom. I started to apprehend, that it has answers to so many challenges and problems our modern society faces. The yoga I’ve been interested in was not a hot and sweaty fitness program, it was the yogic philosophy, the psychology, the mental aspects, the teachings of energy, the principle of yin and yang, the various layers of the body, and the healing potential of these fascinating teachings.

All in.

So, I decided to follow my intuition and go all in. I determined to follow the yogic path, which meant leaving behind a corporate career, unraveling layer over layer of my previous belief systems and challenging all sorts of habits and society conventions. I’ve accomplished various yoga teacher trainings with superb western and eastern teachers, specialized in yoga as therapy and women’s wellbeing. I lived in ashrams in India, traveled South America and South East Asia while teaching and studying and becoming more and more my authentic self.

Spreading the love.

Today I am beyond enthusiastic to share my knowledge and accompany and support women and men to heal themselves, achieve a better quality of life, cope with stress in everyday life and live a happier and healthier life.

Vic Tru Yoga

The inspiration for my brand and logo stems from none other than Leonardo da Vinci and his work of the Vitruvian Human. To me this drawing is the allegory of harmony and balance. It shows the individual geometry of every human being and celebrates the brilliancy of (wo)mankind. It portrays the knowing that everything is interrelated – cause and effect, human relationships, body and mind, human and nature, yin and yang.

The word game of Vic and Tru represents my personal approach towards Yoga. The TRUe, the authentic, the real Yoga. A Yoga, that looks at everything holistically and brings balance on every level. A Yoga, that is so much more than a sweaty physical workout. A Yoga, that is a way of life.


  • Ecuador: 200 hr Authentic Yoga Teacher Training by Dave’s Ashtanga Yoga (Arizona, U.S.)
  • Thailand: 200 hr Alignment focused Hatha Teacher Training by Ananda Yoga Shala (Rishikesh, India)
  • India: 250 hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training by Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Nashik, India)
  • Bali: 200 hr Women’s Selfcare Informed Yoga Teacher Training by High Vibe Yoga (U.S.)
  • plus various workshops and masterclasses and study trips (India & Bali).

Work Experience

Before hosting retreats and working one-to-one I gained extensive experience in yoga schools, retreats and studios, taught in hotels, hostels, on the beach, in parks, private groups and public groups. Here are some references:

  • Ananda Yoveda Shala, Chiang Rai, Thailand (Yoga School)
  • Prana Veda Bali, Indonesia (Yoga Retreat)
  • Yoga Rosa Ibiza, Spain (Yoga Retreat)
  • Das Yogaprojekt, Austria (Yoga Studio)
  • Römertherme Baden, Austria (Sanatorium & Thermal Bath)
  • The Racha, Racha Island, Thailand (Luxury Hotel)
  • The Wyld Thing, Austria (Yoga Studio)
  • Alkemy Studio, Austria (Yoga Studio)
  • Urban Fitness, Austria (Fitnesscenter)
  • House of Yoga, Austria (Yoga Studio)

Before that, I studied business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (BSc) with exchange at the University of Miami, and Marketing at the University of Amsterdam (MSc), worked for the international student organization AIESEC, for the event agency DocLX in Vienna, the Austrian Embassy in Washington D.C., the OMV in Vienna and the magazine publishing group Verlagsgruppe News in Austria. Then I met yoga. And everything changed.

Letters from me to you.

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