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This section of my website is solely here for you to find inspiration and information. I aim at motivating you through scientific and spiritual content on women’s wellbeing, yoga as therapy, holistic health & food as medicine, as well as through my personal stories. This blog is here for you to take new perspectives, maybe try out new stuff and take action to start or continue your yoga journey. Your journey to holistic health. Your journey to inner and outer balance. Your journey to yourself. All of this is written with all my heart and it’s here to inspire you. I don’t aim at perfection. I prefer humanism.

If there’s something you are interested in particular, reach out to me anytime. I am happy to hear from you and I am thankful for feedback, questions and interactions.

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A heartfelt thank you for being here.

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Yin und Yang

Yin & Yang. Yang & Yin. Es gibt Frauen, die als sehr weiblich und Männer, die als sehr männlich bezeichnet [...]

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