Corporate Yoga

A successful business needs balanced and top-performing employees that are highly motivated and work together as a team. Regular yoga practices, workshops, team building seminars and/or focus trainings help to facilitate and promote a community spirit as well as mental and physical wellbeing of your employees.

My previous professional career in Key Account Management and my academic background enable me to understand the requirements of companies. Through these lenses I aim at making an eastern approach accessible for western lifestyles and corporate environments. In close cooperation we develop an individual concept for your company and your employees.

The offerings include:

  • Vitalizing morning yoga to start into work with full energy
  • Re-energizing lunch yoga to kick-off the afternoon with strong focus and motivation
  • Relaxing yoga to finish a work day deeply relaxed and calm
  • Seminars and workshops:
    • Meditation and relaxation to reduce stress levels
    • Improve concentration and focus
    • Stress management and burn-out prevention
    • Info seminars: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda
  • Personal one-on-one training
  • Management Retreats, Team Building etc.

As a holistic practice Yoga includes:

  • Physical yoga practices don’t only train and stretch the muscles, increase the posture and release tension, but also improve the balance of body systems (digestive system, hormonal system, respiratory system etc.) and thus overall wellbeing.
  • Through deep relaxation techniques your employees learn to proactively switch from the sympathetic nervous system (stress response) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation) in order to reduce stress levels.
  • Meditation as well as breathing techniques are part of every holistic yoga practice.

Your advantages:

  • Higher employee loyalty and staff retention
  • Higher efficiency due to
    • increased focus and concentration
    • higher energy levels
    • increased happiness levels as well as community spirit
    • better postures and immune systems and thus fewer sick days
  • Overall: Balanced and motivated employees
  • Employer Branding
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Victoria introduced me into the world of Yoga. Her instructions are so clear and easy to follow – even for somebody who is totally new to yoga. I always know what I’m supposed to do and can let go and relax. Her enthusiasm is contagious. You can feel that she found her calling and lives it with joy and love.
Martin, France