Holistic Yoga

Yoga aims at creating balance and restoring the natural condition of a healthy body and mind. Our true nature is balance and a strong connection with our intuition. Through yoga we can regain this natural condition and deep sense of trust. Through yoga we can find our way “back home”.

A holistic yoga practice and lifestyle does not only include physical yoga practices. It also includes spiritual practices like meditation, breathing techniques and chanting. Holistic yoga means union. Union of body, mind and soul.

It means understanding that holistic health does not just require a healthy and “fit” physical body, but also a healthy mental body and a healthy energetic body. It means understanding, that these “Koshas” (in yoga the different bodies are referred to as Koshas, or layers) are interrelated and affect each other constantly.

In my one-on-ones as well as group classes and immersions I invite you to connect deeply with yourself. To welcome the whole of you and understand your miraculous body as a holistic system.

Re-establish balance and activate your self-healing capacity.

Yoga as Therapy

Welcome home to yourself.

In a private setting we will work on your individual needs. We will extensively assess your specific needs, carve out possible disequilibrium and determine the root causes. We will work with a comprehensive set of practices, such as physical yoga practices, meditation, deep relaxation practices, breath work etc. The practices will be conveyed gradually and the scope increased as you progress. There are various different options of working together: regular personal appointments, initial personal appointment and online follow ups, personal appointments to tailor an individual program based on your needs etc.

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Group Classes

Come as you are.

In my yoga classes I will guide you and unguide you and welcome the whole of you. I incorporate various yogic practices, yoga philosophy and yoga psychology as well as the taoist yin and yang principle in my yoga classes. I encourage you to get in touch with your inherent body wisdom, to look inside rather than outside. To feel rather than to think. To flow rather than to do.

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I’ve attended so many yoga classes in my life, which is why I absolutely appreciate Victoria’s way of teaching. I sometimes have the feeling of being in the middle of Central Park or in a yoga retreat on Bali. Conversations with her stop the time and shift your perspective on life completely. Victoria has a holistic understanding of yoga, which she lives with ease and passion. Her work is characterized by high quality and personal professionality. She is so present, considerate and warm-hearted. I admire her mental strength and cherish her honesty. When I come to her, I know, I will be challenged, strengthened and inspired. I know, I’m at the right place. In short: heartfelt recommendation.
Birgit, Austria