How to achieve your perfect shape and weight

As I’ve gotten some messages with questions on how to achieve your perfect body shape and weight and food recommendations, I thought I’d leave some thoughts on that.

I don’t share a lot about food here as I think it is such a huge topic and what often happens is, that people get inspired by other people and try to do the same as them in order to reach a specific goal.

Because: we are so conditioned by the media that there is this one diet that really works for everyone in order to reach a specific shape. But: NO. Simply no. This does not exist. Our bodies are such complex systems that there is no one-fits-all-solution. Also, I do believe that, in order to heal the underlying cause for unhealthy eating disorders and the result of that, we have to dive deeper than simply changing our meal plans.

I had eating disorders basically my entire life. Binge eating and emotional compensating through food were on the daily plan. I always tried to eat „healthy“ (which was something I would call „fitness nutrition“ today: eating lots of animal proteins, not noticing that my body got overly acidic, which led to inflammation in my body and joint pain – but that’s a different story), but I ate way too often and way too much. I actually found some notes the other day as I used to write everything I ate down and realized that I ate probably 2 times as much as I do today. All my friends loooved to eat with me as I was (and am) such a passionate foodie. 

I remember that there were days where I would eat a lot in the afternoon/evening. I often ate until I felt sick. And punished myself for it by going to the gym for two hours right after eating. The first hour I felt immensely sick, but the second hour I kinda enjoyed the workout. And I had a friend who did the same: after eating way too much she would go for a run. In fact, lots of my (female) friends had the same or a similar relationship with food and as a consequence with their bodies as I did.

As I went to the gym 6-7 times per week, I compensated a lot and didn’t seem to have weight problems, but I had a crazy difficult relationship with my body. Oh my.

But to make a long story short: things got much better when I started to do yoga and by that got in touch with my body in a very different way. However, only when I started to do women’s yoga, something really BIG shifted. Working with trauma-releasing breath work and somatic movement and, especially, connecting with my womb and our cyclical nature, changed everything. For the very first time in my life I felt a connection with my beautiful feminine body – in a way I had never before.

As a byproduct, all of a sudden I had a natural „stopper“ when eating. An innate feeling that tells me exactly when to stop. And once that moment is there, I can’t eat much more.

I still love food as much as I did before, however, my relationship with food and my body has changed completely. I trust my intuition on what to eat and do not follow any strict rules or diets anymore. I eat whole and organic foods and as natural as possible, no refined foods of any kind and follow my body on what to eat in the respective phase of my cycle. Additionally, I take supplements based on my full blood exam and I highly recommend that too. Please don’t just take any supplements, but find out, what you actually need.

All in all, I can only repeat myself when saying: Connecting to our feminine essence, especially to our wombs, not as baby-producing machines (what they are still often connoted with), but as the center of connection, creation, creativity, acceptance, stability, security, safety, belonging, love etc. is so extremely powerful, on so many levels. Also when it comes to establishing a healthy relationship with food and with your body (as this is rooted in the root chakra, and the root chakra is located in the cervix).

If you’d like to dive deeper into your connection with your femininity, I warmly invite you to one of my retreats or trainings as this is covered in all my offerings.

I’m sending you lots of love