Women’s Wellbeing

Cyclical Living.

As women we are designed to work in cycles and throughout our lives we are confronting many transition phases. From Menarche to pregnancy, to giving birth, to post-natal phase, to peri-menopause to menopause and every monthly cycle inbetween. The more we neglect these cycles, the more disconnected we feel and the more discomfort and disease we experience. In order to embrace those transitions and draw strength from them, we need to understand our cycles and work with them. Being a woman is such a wonderful gift, we just sometimes forget that and perceive feminine cycles as burdens and struggles. If we start to listen to these cycles, we can reclaim our power, invite softness, feel deep connection and inner strength.

Reclaim your inherent feminine wisdom and power

In my consultations, workshops, women’s circles and retreats you can:

☾ Learn about your cycle and ways to adapt your lifestyle to your natural cycle.

☾ Rebuild a loving relationship with yourself and your femininity.

☾ Reconnect with your intuition.

☾ Understand your body, your energy levels, your emotions and their interrelation holistically.

☾ Regain self-confidence and inner strength in every area of your life.

☾ Understand the nature of your breath and use this powerful tool to release tension in your body.

☾ Learn about pelvic care and how to heal yourself from pelvic-related discomfort.

☾ Explore somatic movement exercises and the direct relationship between the living body and yoga.

☾ Invite ease and gentleness into your practice to experience a yoga that flows from within.

☾ Experience a safe space of love, safety and belonging among like-minded women.

Women’s Wellbeing
Private Yoga

The healthful energies of a woman’s womb are key to her lifelong wellbeing and vitality. In the yogic anatomy of the energy body, the womb is the seat of creativity, fertility and capacity to nurture and grow new life, new ideas—to manifest. Respect for womb cycles is the foundation of a refined and sensitive yoga practice for women to respect the source of vitality and well being and sustain or re-create health.

Do you feel overwhelmed, disconnected or lost? Do you experience cyclical mood swings, heavy periods or pre-menstrual syndroms? Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself somewhere on the way while caring for your dear ones or giving 110 % in your job?

In a private setting we will personalize a practice to your specific needs – depending on where you are in your life cycle and your monthly cycle. With utmost care we will introduce physical asanas, breathwork, mudras, visualization and deep relaxation practices.

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Women’s Wellbeing
Group Immersions

In my women’s selfcare retreats and workshops you will dive deeply into womanhood. You will learn about the cycles of nature within you and around you. You will explore a different approach towards yoga, a feminine approach that puts the womb into the center of attention. You will release tension and trauma from your body through specific breathing techniques. You will relax deeply and thereby get in touch with your inherent wisdom. You will surrender and gain strength, let go and get clarity, step back and move forward. You will be held in a safe space, together with like-minded women. You will be welcomed and appreciated exactly as you are.

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I came with a broken heart and I leave with self respect and love for myself. I am so so thankful for meeting Victoria. She brought my soul back to life, inspired and motivated me and showed me a new approach towards life. Thank you from my heart.
Denisa, Germany